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Calculate property entitlements at separation and get an instant result

  • An innovative calculator based on numerous cases
  • Gives an immediate result without the need to contact a lawyer
  • Anonymous and does not require any identifying personal details
  • Costs only $49 and gives you an instant result
  • Can be updated at any stage if circumstances change

My Fair Share® is the ONLY REAL Family Law calculator in Australia that provides immediate results without contacting a lawyer!

Simple 3 Step Process


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At My Fair Share® we want you to have a great user experience. Once you sign up and create an account your progress in saved, so that the next time you login you do not have to start all over again.


Answer The Questionnaire

You will be asked to complete our questionnaire. Our questions were designed to cover the necessary information which is required to determine your fair share of the asset pool.



Before you pay, you will have an opportunity to review your answers. Your can then purchase one assessment or a discounted package, and then make a secured payment through PayPal. Once payment is made, you immediately receive the calculator’s results.

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Property Settlement Calculator

You will be asked to describe personal circumstances and provide financial information. If you are missing any information, you can save your progress and return later.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use My Fair Share®?

To save money - instead of paying a family lawyer hundreds to thousands of dollars in order to find out how much money you are entitled to receive in a property settlement, with My Fair Share® you only pay $49 - the equivalent of six minutes of an average family lawyers’ fees.
To save time - My Fair Share® provides a realistic estimate which can assist you in your decision to settle your property matters by way of financial agreement or consent orders, saving you prolonged litigation in the Family Courts, time, significant legal costs and heartache. It prepares you for the process - if you later decide to act and engage a family lawyer, you will have all the information in relation to your matrimonial asset pool ready to provide him/her with.
That will save you time and money.

Do you keep my personal details?

No. My Fair Share® is discrete. You do not provide us with your personal information. We do not need your name, address, contact details or even your exact date of birth.
My Fair Share® is a secure website and all your data is encrypted.

Why do I have to open an account?

You have to open an account because we want you to have the best experience. If you create an account we can save your progress in the questionnaire, so the next time you login you don't have to re-fill it.

What do I do if circumstances have changed since I last filled out the questionnaire or found out new information which I was not aware of at the time?

Not a problem. You can buy a package which allows you to login and change the details at any time at a considerably reduced price - $99 for five entries instead of $49 for one. The information you have entered is saved and you can change it at any time.

How do I know which assets to include in the matrimonial asset pool?

You can read our editorial about ”What is included in your matrimonial asset pool” to better understand what is included in it. If there are assets in dispute which may or may not be included, and you want to explore all the options, you can buy our discounted package, test all the possible scenarios available, and compare the results.

Would I still need a lawyer after getting the result from My Fair Share®?

You can read our “What should you do next?” section. In most cases you would need a family lawyer, even if only to put your agreement with your partner into a legal binding document. After completing My Fair Share® questionnaire you will have all the necessary information for your family lawyer, including an understanding of your rights, and it will help you reach an informed decision about your moving forwards.

Should I tell my family lawyer that I have used My Fair Share®?

Yes, why not? They might have used it too…

Is there any point in using My Fair Share® after I had already engaged a family lawyer?

Yes. You can keep updating the information in the questionnaire while the case is progressing, as additional or more accurate information is revealed, and see if and how the result changes.

How much would a family lawyer cost?

Family lawyers’ fees vary considerably. Fees can start from as low as $350 to $400 + GST an hour and up to $600 + GST an hour or more. Family lawyers in Australia charge for their time, usually in 6 minutes increments, so every 6 minutes would cost you between $40 to $70, depending on the hourly rate. At My Fair Share® it would cost you only $49 to find out what is your fair share!

Property Settlement Calculator

You will be asked to describe personal circumstances and provide financial information. If you are missing any information, you can save your progress and return later.

Start Property Settlement Calculator


Our Service

At My Fair Share® you will get a quick, realistic and affordable estimate of what your entitlement is out of the matrimonial asset pool.

Separation and Divorce

Separation and divorce are two different things that do not necessarily happen at the same time. You do not have to get divorced...

How Does Property Settlement Work?

Separation and property settlement are closely connected but you do not have to wait after you are divorced for property settlement to take place.

Property Settlement Checklist

Which information do you need to collate and organise to complete MyFairShare® questionnaire for our property settlement calculator?

Financial Agreements

Pre-nuptial agreements during relationship are made between parties about how their property would be divided had they separated one day.

What is Included in Your Asset Pool

‘Matrimonial asset pool’ is the term for the total value of all the assets which belong to you and your partner, whether under your name or...

Spousal maintenance and child support

Spousal maintenance and child support are two different things which can become applicable following separation.

I got the calculator's result, what's next?

Once you have the calculator's result, you should have an idea of what your property entitlements are.