My Fair Share - Property Settlement Calculator

My Fair Share® is the ONLY REAL Family Law calculator in Australia that provides immediate results without contacting a lawyer!

  • An innovative calculator based on hundreds of cases
  • Gives an immediate result without the need to contact a lawyer
  • Anonymous and does not require any identifying personal details
  • Costs only $49 and gives you an instant result
  • Can be updated at any stage if circumstances change

Separation is stressful

Separation is not something you decide overnight. You normally think about separation for months or years before you make a final decision. There is a lot of things to consider when you separate and one of the most concerning things is your financial future.

My Fair Share can alleviate, just a little bit, the uncertainty around your financial future.

My Fair Share's property settlement calculator will give you an instant result, in percentage and in dollar figure, of your share of the matrimonial asset pool.

Why use My Fair Share ?

You can use My Fair Share® for several reasons:
  • If you are thinking about separation but don't know what your entitlements are My Fair Share® is the right tool for you.
    It takes just a few minutes to fill out My Fair Share® questionnaire and get an instant result, which will help you understand how your financial future is going to look like.
  • If you have started a separation/divorce process you can use My Fair Share® to validate your family lawyer's estimate.
    My Fair Share® can give you a "second opinion" so you will not have to engage with another lawyer.
  • My Fair Share® was tested against hundreds of cases, so you can be confident that your estimate is reliable!

How does it work? Watch the video

For the first time in the history of Family Law

For the first time in the history of Family Law, power is in the hand of the customer. Customers can choose to protect their identity and their personal data - stay anonymous, but still get a legal service.
My Fair Share® does NOT require any personal identifying details! My Fair Share® collects data on your personal circumstances and provides an instant assessment.
We will never ask for your name, address, phone number etc. Your email address is needed for password reset purpose only. If you think you won't forget your password, you can put in any email address you want - we don't validate your email address at any stage.
Please be aware that other "calculators" on the internet are not calculating anything and are not providing any results. These are lead generation tools with the intent of capturing your personal details and booking you an expansive meeting with a lawyer.
My Fair Share® is a genuine service with one intent - provide instant answer to a disturbing question - "how will my financial future look like if I separate?".

About Us

We are a group of Family lawyers, Computer science and Data science experts, with a lot of experience in our industries. It took us 2 years to develop My Fair Share® algorithm and we tested it against hundreds of cases to make sure the results of the calculator are reliable and accurate.
We developed My Fair Share® as an affordable service to the public, to provide people some insight on their financial future in case of separation.

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