Our Service

At My Fair Share® you will get a quick, realistic and affordable estimate of what your entitlement is out of the matrimonial asset pool in the event of separation. It is the same for married or de facto couples.

In order to obtain that estimate you are required to fill out a questionnaire seeking information which is essential to determining the correct matrimonial asset pool. It also asks about your personal status and other relevant facts which are considered by Family Courts in order to determine how to divide your matrimonial asset pool in a ‘just and equitable’ way.

It would not ask for your or your partner’s identifying information, to keep the process anonymous and confidential.

To get a realistic result you would have to provide genuine and honest answers to the questionnaire. If you do not know the exact value of some of the assets, then provide realistic estimates instead (of real property, motor vehicles, businesses etc.).

Family Law is not accurate science and two different Family Court Judges would most likely deliver two different judgments as to what is ‘just and equitable’ in dividing the parties’ matrimonial asset pool, on exactly the same set of facts. This is because there is a significant element of discretion involved in determining what ‘just and equitable’ is in the circumstances of each case.

There is, however, a ‘reasonable range’ which most Family Court Judges are expected to reach. This is also how we built our estimate on My Fair Share®, with a result expressed in a percentage, and equivalent dollar amounts, and an indication of the ‘reasonable range’ of 5% margin either way.

The result My Fair Share® generates is your percentage of the total matrimonial asset pool (like would happen in most judgements). It will also show you the corresponding dollar amounts. The percentage of your matrimonial asset pool includes the parties’ superannuation funds and you will receive a calculation of your superannuation entitlements as well. Family Courts may sometimes decide to give one party a larger share of the available assets on account of future superannuation entitlements or vice versa. This will depend on individual needs. However, your overall entitlement out of the total matrimonial asset pool will, most likely, stay the same.

My Fair Share® relies on the information you provide in the questionnaire and analyses it based on our unique formula which was based on numerous Family Law cases and scenarios. However, there may be cases of extreme circumstances which cannot be expressed in, or covered by, our questionnaire, or are so marginal that Family Court’s discretion would be applied differently.

If circumstances have changed with time or you have found information you were not aware of at the time you filled out My Fair Share® questionnaire the first time, you can either complete a new questionnaire, or if you purchased our discounted package of five submissions, you would be able to simply update the relevant information and get the new result without having to insert all the information again.

While we try our best to provide you with a realistic estimate, our services should be regarded as a guide only and are not to be relied upon or regarded as a substitute for legal advice from family lawyers, financial advice from qualified providers or counseling from relationship professionals.

Please note that My Fair Share® does not deal or attempts to deal with parenting matters in any way.